Macarons @ Glenmoriston

We do love our macarons at the Glenmoriston, you might be lucky enough to enjoy one with your tea or coffee.  Our favourite is the Earl Grey with lemon and poppy seeds, delicious!  We found this recipe online so we thought we'd share, not sure its the one Chef follows or not...

"To make French Macaroones

Wash a pound of the newest and the best Iordane Almonds in three or foure waters, to take away the rednesse from their out-side, lay them in a Bason of warme water all night, the next day blanche them, and dry them with a faire cloath, beat them in a stone morter, until they be reasonably fine, put to them halfe a pound of fine beaten sugar, and so beat it to a perfect Paste, then put in halfe a dozen spoonefuls of good Damaske Rose-water, three graines of Ambergreece, when you have beaten all this together, dry it on a chasingdish of coales until it grow white and stiffe, then take it off the fire, and put the whites of two Egs first beaten into froath, and so stire it well together, then lay them on wafers in fashion of little long rowles, and so bake in an Oven as hot as for Manchet, but you must first let the heat of the Oven passe over before you put them in, when they rise white and light, take them out of the Oven, and put them in a warm platter, and set them againe into the warme Oven & so let them remain foure or five houres, and then they wil be thoroughly dry, but if you like them better being moist then dry them not after the first baking."

John Murrell, Daily Exercises for Gentlewomen (1617)

Source: Wikipedia (where else!)