What on earth is a Tomahawk Steak?

The tomahawk steak has definitely got the wow-factor, with many of the world's top restaurants now serving it - but what exactly is a Tomahawk steak, and what's the fuss all about?

Named for its resemblance to the axe of the same name, the tomahawk steak is an on-the-bone rib steak, cut from the fore rib with the rib bone left on. Being cooked on the bone, and with lots of inter-muscular fat, the tomahawk has loads of sweet gelatinous flavour when cooked.  It looks amazing on the plate and is a great dinner conversation talking point. And lets face it, its not everyday that you get to eat like Fred Flintstone.

The Tomahawk is usually a fairly large steak so its ideal for two to share, perhaps on a special occasion or romantic meal. But hey, if you want to eat it all for yourself who are we to judge!

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[Source: GreatBritishMeat.com]