4 reasons that you should drink a shot of tequila every day

We recently read somewhere that Tequila IS actually good for you.  We've done some digging to get the facts and below is the results of our findings...

1. Tequila is Low in Calories
Though the liquid calories in many types of liquor are detrimental to weight-loss diets, tequila is different. Tequila is made up of agavins, a certain type of indigestible sugars that move through the body unused. The more complex molecular structure of agavins prevents them from spiking blood sugar. These molecules have also been found to simulate metabolism and to help burn fat.

Tequila at the Glenmoriston
Tequila & orange - one of your five-a-day!
2. Tequila is a Probiotic

Put down that bottle of kombucha and break out the shot glasses. The agave that tequila is derived from contains fructans, a short-chain polymer that supplies probiotics — beneficial bacteria found in the intestines. Thus, drinking a small amount of tequila may benefit digestive health, but be careful not to overdo it; too much tequila has the opposite effect on the body.

3. Tequila Helps Digestion
A post-meal shot of tequila may help stimulate digestion, but studies have also found that a shot of tequila before the meal acts as an apéritif, stimulating metabolism and appetite.

Tequila at the Glenmoriston
Tequila and Lime - another five-a-day!

4. Tequila Assists in Transporting Drugs to the Colon
For people suffering from Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or colitis, a shot of tequila may improve the effectiveness of their medications. The fructans in tequila are natural chemical carriers that essentially ferry the drugs past the corrosive stomach acid to the colon where they are needed most.

Obviously you should drink tequila in moderation but if you'd like to try some for its health benefits we have a good range behind the Piano Bar at the Glenmoriston, alongside 260 malt whiskies, 48 gins, a wide range of cocktails, mocktails, spirits and more.

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