Discover Dry Aged Beef at Contrast Brasserie

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new addition to the menu at Contrast Brasserie, plus an extra bit of kit in the restaurant itself, our very own Himalayan Salt Dry Ager.

But why are we dry aging our beef, you may ask?

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Lets first look at the alternative method, wet-aging. The majority of beef has been wet-aged for 7 to 10 days, vacuum packed in a protective atmosphere to retain moisture and colour. It takes less time and the meat retains its weight, so its cheaper and therefore a popular method among producers, wholesalers and retailers.

Dry-aging is a process where the meat is hung in a specially climate-controlled cabinet known as a dry-ager for at least 28 days. The process changes beef in two ways: firstly moisture is evaporated from the muscle which creates a greater concentration of flavour and taste; and secondly the beef's natural enzymes break down the tissue of the muscle to create more tender beef.

At Contrast Brasserie we like to offer the best possible eating experience for our diners. For this reason we have invested in our own Himalayan Salt Dry Ager to ensure that our steaks are both flavoursome and tender. And believe me, they are!

Available now on the a la carte menu why not come and try for yourself?

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