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A cure for snakebite..?

Not quite "Meet the Ingredient" but we read something on the back of a bottle of De Kuyper Creme de Cassis that we wanted to share.

Apparently Creme de Cassis was used as a cure for snakebites in the 16th century!  Nowadays the popular blackcurrant liqueur is enjoyed as a drink throughout the world.  France makes 16 million litres of it every year, and its said to have originated there in 1841.  

Royal Distillers, De Kuyper have been making it for over 500 years, from its original cure for snakebites.  They have refined the recipe over the years and say that its just as rich and red as it was all those years ago but that it tastes better.

Come and try Creme de Cassis in the Piano Bar at the Glenmoriston, in a Kir Royale perhaps..?

The Piano Bar is THE cocktail bar in Inverness, come and enjoy 5 O'CLOCKtails between 5pm and 7pm with LIVE music on weekends, snakebite cures an added extra!

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