Are you getting enough fibre?

In the News today is the startling fact that around 90% of us are not eating enough fibre.

Fibre is not the sexiest thing in the world but the benefits are huge:

  • reduces the chances of debilitating heart attacks and strokes as well as life-long diseases such as type-2 diabetes
  • helps keep your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels down
  • aids digestion
  • stops constipation
  • helps control blood sugar levels
  • reduce risk of certain cancers
  • healthier bones
  • generally live longer
  • easy access - fibre is widely available

Now being dubbed as a superfood, we should be eating at least 25g of fibre every day with some experts saying this should be pushed to 30g a day.

Sounds simple, but its not as easy as it looks! Experts suggest eating vegetables with their skin on, swapping to wholewheat bread, pasta and brown rice.

You'll find some tips on how to increase your fibre content here.

A quick fix right now is on the Contrast Brasserie Restaurant menu - red wine and herb braised pork ribs, rosemary cannellini beans (around 11g of fibre per serving!), lemon butter sprouts and a port reduction sauce - one of the amazing dishes available on our lunch and pre-theatre menus.

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