Written in the stars

History is peppered with star-crossed lovers whose tales offer endless inspiration - think of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III, Wills and Kate, or even Kim and Kanye. But just what does it take to create a match made in heaven of your own?

We’ve looked to the stars in search of our romantic destiny since ancient times, hoping to find some insight into our best matches. In fact, astrology continues to grow in popularity as an increasing amount of millennials are turning to the skies for answers.

Traditionally, many techniques can be used to calculate compatibility between couples, including synastry charts, which take into account planet positions of both partners and show their mutual aspects. However, despite having access to these often complex and rigorous processes, even the most seasoned of astrologers often evaluate compatibility based on sun sign alone.

So, how exactly does it work? Determined by your date of birth, your sun sign represents your core personality. The elements play a key role in finding the perfect match, and whether yours is earth, water, air or fire, you’re always best matched with someone of the same element.

Another option is to consider your opposite sign - the one that occurs during your half birthday. While some pairings might seem a little odd, the counterbalance within these pairs can be a winning combination.

While the secrets of the stars can help you avoid potentially toxic relationships, there’s no single astrological trick to calculate incompatibility. Love can be thrilling and scary in equal measure and it’s important to embrace it in all of its glory… But for those looking for a little cosmic intervention, we’re shining a light on the best potential matches.


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